About PE5TS

My name is Roelof Bolhuis, I’m born in 1967 and I live in the north-east of the Netherlands, in Lageland. A small village about 10 kilometer east of the county town Groningen. Our province is called also Groningen.
I work as civil engineering employee for the province Groningen, department management and maintenance. This department is responsible for the management and maintenance of roads en canals in the province Groningen.

Radio history
In 1980 I started with carry out experiments with radio. First legal with FM CB-radio (26.965-27.405 Mhz), I used the callsign “Telstar”. Since 1982 illegal as “Radio Telstar” on the 3 meter broadcasting band (100-108 mhz), from 1990 till 1993 illegal on the 11 meter SSB, first as TS 105, then as 19 AT 145 (27.415-27.855 Mhz), from 1993 till 1997 as “Radio Titanic”, illegal on the 60 cm band (480-490 Mhz).

On 11 april 1997 I did my examination for “Radiotechniek en Voorschriften II” (Radiotechnology en regulations II) and I succeeded. I was a Novice licensed radioamateur. The proper authorities assigned me the callsign PD1ADM.
On 4 november 1998 I did my examination for “Radiotechniek en voorschriften I” (Radiotechnology en regulations I). And I succeeded again. I had my full licence. In the meantime the rules changed and I could choose my own callsign. I have chosen for PE5TS. The letters TS are the abbreviation from “Telstar”, my first call I used when I started with radio.
Since I started with radio I was always busy with technical experiments, the last years I spend my spare time more and more on making radiocontacts all over the world on the shortwave. For local communication you can find me on 2 meter, 6 meter and 70 centimeter. I’m also active with amateurtelevision on 13 cm and 23 cm.



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